Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What new Kath and Kim?

What I'm not quite getting here is why people are insisting that "Aussie Humour" is what is making the US version of the hit TV show "Kath and Kim" so unpopular. One of the main reasons I think the show is so funny is because these are completely stereotypical bogans. They are funny without trying to be funny, they look hilarious and speak practically their own form of English. The dynamics between Kath and her daughter Kim, her husband Kell, Kim’s husband and Kim’s best friend are what make the show. There is an element of everyday life thrown into a mix of complete hilarity. What the US show is missing is the image and most importantly one of the key characters to the show.
Original Kath and Kim pictured left are exactly the image suited to the characters, however, this image is not carried over to the US market. You think that the fattest country in the world wouldn't mind seeing a bit of muffin top on their screens but apparently they do. Creators of the US show seem to think Selma Blair showing a bit of her G string over her flat, toned stomach is the equivalent, I think not. The US Kim is lacking the extreme and sometimes offensive wardrobe that Aussie Gina Riley pulls off so well. The Kath character is missing a lot of 80s charm, not a shoulder pad or spiral perm in sight.
The saddest part of this show is that Magda Szubanski's character Sharon, Kim’s extremely overweight, desperate and dateless best friend has been cut out of the show. For me this is the hardest part to swallow. She is a main character in the show, she is funny and sets up a large part of Kim’s character as an awful best friend, it really shows that it is not the Aussie comedy that America is not getting, it’s the whole concept of the show. The main reasons why the show is so funny have been removed, air brushed if you will for the American market. This clean cut and sterile version of the show predictably is flopping.

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