Saturday, November 8, 2008


I really enjoyed this assignment, I found it easy and enjoyable to be able to express my opinion freely on many news issues and to educate myself on aspects of new media and design which affect us in the use of blogs.

I felt it was wise to keep a simple, clean looking design with a pretty standard format for each blog in regards to how I would set it out. I used a simple white background with black text with a blue heading with black text. It was important to me that my blog was easily read because if you can't read it or if it hard/ tiring for people to read then the whole purpose is lost.

I tried to keep the blogs interesting by using humour and sometimes sarcasm particularly in my opening blog and some of my media issues. I do feel however, that I kept the writing professional but more personal than an essay or newspaper article, something that I think is importnant for a blog to be able to connect moreso with the reader.

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