Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Warney beats CNN to hologram history

This week Crikey's Wankley award went to CNN and thier space age holograms during the election coverage. "Following in the tradition of Princess Leia" Jessica Yelling was reporting from Chicago on election day surrounded by thousands of Obama supporters but her single image was "beamed in" to the New York studio.
Even weirder than the Star Wars and Star Trek references was the next guest, Black Eyed Peas rapper Wil-i-am who was also beamed in from a pro Obama rally to speak with host Anderson Cooper who seemed to realise the obsurd nature of the program at this stage as he welcomes the second hologram to the studio

COOPER: "Will.I.Am, live from Grant Park, let’s, ah, beam him in now..."

WILL.I.AM: "'s just like Star Wars or something..."

COOPERR: "...yes, it looks exactly like Star Trek, when they would beam people down."

Little did CNN know that they had already been pipped at the post by our very own middle aged, over weight, bleach blonde, txt savvy, ex cricketing star Shane Warne! Yes good old Warney had just one week before been immortalised in a permanent exhibit at the National Sports Museum. this display is a life size hologram of Warne which tells audiences about some of his most memorable experiences during his career including admitting that he was a "bit of a fat bastard" when he made his Test debut, and explaining that his epic delivery that bowled Mike Gatting in 1993 was "complete arse".
Hows that CNN?

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