Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New world order

Media as an industry is growing in size, in effectivity and competitivness everyday. From newspapers, to radio, to television, the internet, now online newspapers, blogging, digital television and mobile phone technology, it seems that the media industry is not and should not stop innovating the way we receive news and information on the world anytime soon.

As I discussed in a previous blog journalism and particulary newspapers have been affected immensly by the conception of internet news and advertising. Most papers now have corresponding websites featuring news blogs, interactive surveys, picture galleries, video and audio. It seems that the old image of people reading the paper at breakfast before work is now people checking their iphones for news bulletins.

Something that i think is important when considering how personalised we can make our online news reading is that if we continue to only receive news that interests us, we will end up with a population with limited knowledge of issues outside their niche market of interests. This is why i think that broader news options like the newspaper and television news to some extent will always be popular. The main reason being that we can generally rely on them as a credible news source which covers a large range of issues. It is a responsibility i think of the media to keep people informed and to keep big business and politics in check, although we may not always be able to rely on some press to do so it is important to me that we can use the media as a tool for democracy and that in the future we will have mastered the art of all new forms of media to create a much more effective and respectable way of reporting the news and to provide advertising.

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